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Author Topic: Penn valve gear for oscillating engines  (Read 763 times)

Offline John S

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Penn valve gear for oscillating engines
« on: August 11, 2020, 08:38:13 AM »
Has anyone got drawings of the Penn valve gear for oscillating engines they could mail me a copy of please? been searching internet for some hours but have not managed to find anything other than a couple of videos but not even a diagram found. Did not expect engineering type drawings as a sketch would be OK especially if parts shown are in suitable proportions.
Any help gratefully received and hopefully copied for use later.

Offline John S

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Re: Penn valve gear for oscillating engines
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2020, 02:38:04 AM »
After many hours searching for details on the Penn valve gear for some reason fate sent me off to EBay searching for oscillating engines and there for sale was a copy of Live Steam magazine from back at the start of the present century, well January 2000 issue. There is a picture of the magazine cover that shows a twin cylinder oscillating engine with slide valves and is reversible so my interest was  aroused. Only a single copy and the series actually ran for 3 issues  but nothing daunted off I go searching for back copies however not cheap to import from US. Next after reading more I found Jesse Livingston had written a book entitled ' The Shop Wisdom of Jesse Livingston' in which building the model was described so on with the search for a copy. Actually still available new for around $27 (I think) from Village Press but add carriage from the US for a box weighing over 1lb would be rather expensive so how about Amazon ? Not a great idea as there is a copy advertised from US at believe it or not a silly price of $907 plus postage so no chance there of the pension supporting that purchase. Next try in UK and as far as I went just a single copy for sale but not on EBay but a bookseller. First edition in very good order price 39 plus 2.99 postage so I ordered it and making yet another cup of conciliatory tea told Elizabeth I had spent yet again on PayPal. Not too bad but last week I spent 48 on a 65 mm 3 jaw chuck for my digital divider in preparation for drilling many matching clearance and tapping holes round a pair of side lever beam engine cylinders and covers.
Although much had been made for this beam engine destined for a Strongbow variation with a little bit of modification they can be reworked into oscillating cylinders and take up less room as well. Less parts to make speeds things up and having typical looking oscillating cylinders in the engine room is more attractive to me but the twin cylinder side lever would have looked like Eppleton Hall. Anyone know of a similar sized steel hulled tug with oscillating engines?


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