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Author Topic: Welcome PS Decoy... Our first Ozzie paddler  (Read 1582 times)


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Welcome PS Decoy... Our first Ozzie paddler
« on: June 13, 2005, 06:24:51 AM »
Derek, Welcome to P/Ducks as our first member from down UNDER! .
Here's a rundown on what Derek told me about his Paddlewheeler

"To better understand where I am coming from, twenty years ago I built
a 1/48 scale R/C model of an Australian built (1928) ore carrier
(Poole & Steel Ship Builders - Adelaide South Australia) which plied
between South Australia, then Western Australia to BHP here at Port
Kembla and Newcastle (New South Wales) with iron ore for the iron &
steel industry

I considered the final result after two years as pretty good, however
each time I took the Iron Prince to the waterway it could not compete
in aura with "the paddle wheelers"

I wanted a subject uniquely Australian and since searching the web
during August & September 2000 have progressed as follows by
researching basically in South Australia to select

PS Decoy - Official Number (British) 74682 - built in Scotland,
knocked down and reassembled in Melbourne (Victoria) in 1878
spent her life on the Murry & Darling inland rivers, was used as a tug
boat in Victoria and converted to a pleasure steamer in Western
- originally iron framed and plated, she was hard wood planked in 1881
- Register closed in 1915 as - sunk!

At 113"x18"x6.4" and @ 1/24 scale she will just fit across the back
seat of my car which is now a must as the van has gone

I drew the plan, elevation and fwd & aft elevations @ 1/48 from
photographs on the board, then reduced this to 1/96 and produced a
half hull from foam complete with what I believed her waterlines
should have represented, transcribed the waterlines back to the fwd &
aft elevations and enlarged back up to 1/24 scale

Progress is twenty frames (10 mm MDF - bad choice) set into 10x20 mm
Tasmanian oak keel plate and about 50% planked with stripped down 10 x
3 mm cedar planks - pinned & glued

I think I understand your comments on the challenges of attempting to
maintain true scale proportions yet our need to maintain structural
rigidity = over scale necessity

In terms of interest, Decoy will have (half built) forced draft fan to
a fake boiler with BBQ lighters + BBQ blocks on the next shelf, all to
be reprimed with R/C dashes of sump oil - (it works - the Iron Prince
provided so much smoke that I was requested to shut it down during an
indoors display many years ago) - this is to be coupled with a port &
stb cooling water outlet via a scaled peristaltic (hose) pump driven
off the main paddle shaft

Whilst I had initially dreamed of steam propulsion, the cost prohibit
this and I have accepted the humble 12 Vac windscreen wiper motor belt
driven up 4.5/1 and @ say 1.0 Amp/hour is good value

I would suggest that I have say eight months to completion, so any
comments greatly appreciated ."

REMEMBER though ONE GOLDEN RULE of paddlers...dont build her TOO
HEAVY...(mind you at 113" loa, I don't think bouyancy is an issue

Derek, DECOY sounds great and glad to have you both along with us..and
since she's well on her way, any chance of you being able to take some
photos you can send so we can follow her progress??? We could also use
a prototype photo for our files. (By the way have you visited our
Files and Bookmarks sections yet...?"..if not I'll show you how.

Paul J


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