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Author Topic: PS Glasgow  (Read 3031 times)

David S Miller

  • Guest
PS Glasgow
« on: June 13, 2005, 06:20:59 AM »
Does anyone know how I can locate a kit for the Glasgow? I saw that pix (POSTED IN PADDELDUCKS) on the web
about a year ago and have never found the kit listed anywhere. I would like to try a build on that kit. Any reviews?
Thanks for putting up with my exuberant postings. I LOVE THIS STUFF!


  • Guest
PS Glasgow
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2005, 06:21:41 AM »
Nothing wrong with exuberant, Dave...keep exhubing...since some are
still hibernating it seems!!

The launch pic was neat..lovely have the big one? and the
wooden sub..that's a work....and it all operates too I suppose!!!!

The PS Glasgow is a Graupner kit, but i must say I had a hard time
tracking it down in the US..however it's still listed at

Here's what they say

Designed to 1/40th scale using original architect's drawings, the
Glasgow is an impressive paddle steamer. The builder has the option
of powering the finished model with an electric motor or - like
the full size vessel - with a steam engine. All the tricky parts such
as the hull, paddle wheels, life boat, skylights, companionways,
vents, etc., are moulded in ABS and all the wood parts come
pre-shaped. Building time is shortened further as many injection
moulded plastic parts such as the winch, anchor, bollards, davits,
engine room, telegraph and the brass stanchion rails are also
supplied in the kit. The paddle wheel set (purchased separately)
contains all parts required for building a pair of paddle wheels. All
the wheels' blades are controlled by a pushrod system that ensures
that he veins are in a near vertical position from the moment they
enter the water and while they are submerged.
A two cylinder steam engine is also available as the perfect companion
to this scale vessel.
Length 1010mm
Motor Steam Eng.
Weight 6200g

not included):2 Channel radio control set and steam or electric
powerplant of your choice

Required for operation (B-2126 Glasgow Paddle Tug Kit £149.99
B-0582 Glasgow Fittings Kit £47.50
B-0581 Paddle Wheel Set £44.99
L-2170 Steam Engine £224.99
M-1047 Gear Set (Steel) Steam Conv. £12.75
M-1048 Gear Set - Steam Unit £7.50

Don't have any critiques on the kit..but someone may habe built this

Keep us posted!


David S Miller

  • Guest
PS Glasgow
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2005, 06:29:32 AM »
GREAT! I found it. (The Glasgow) Thanks so much. I will have to start
saving my allowance right away. That would be the 1st functional ship
me. Can't wait. I'll watch Pducks for reviews.

No, the Ictineo II has no functional parts. Alas. It makes an engaging
display and it's lots of fun to imagine how it worked. I had so much
fun with the hulls I have considered making a full-hulled version
without interior. Some of the metal castings will pose a challenge but
the rest is simple woodwork and detail. I think the Seacomber may come
first. Maybe I can make the Seacomber functional. YES I like that
idea. I'll have to rely on all you folks to keep me honest as I'm a
complete novice in powered and/or RC boats. With you all in the wings
how can I miss? After that project I may be ready to build out the

In answer to your question: NO, sadly the Seacomber had to go during one
of my "lean" periods. (The perils of my early career in show
business) Wooden boats own you - you don't own them so rather than see
her rot away I decided to sell her. A sad day in my life. In fact so
wrenching was that parting that I could not go to the harbor or even the
beach for over 10 years. I was brought back to the sea when I
skippered for the Sea Scouts out of Dana Point and Newport Beach, CA. I
have not left it since.

Thanks again for the link.
Dave Miller


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