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Author Topic: Big Tugboat  (Read 1850 times)


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Big Tugboat
« on: June 13, 2005, 05:21:09 AM »
I've uploaded a picture of my biggest tug to the files at ModelBoats. The
picture was taken before she was finished. The powerplant is two pittman
14000 series motors running at 24vdc., turning a prop shop prop about 5
inches in diameter and 4 blades. Controller is a Model Control Devices SC
330. The hull length is 5ft 7in. Total weight is around 60 or so pounds. I
don't remember the gear ratio at the time this was taken but the boat
generated about 8lbs of thrust. I changed the ratio to 1.77:1 and she now
puts out over 11lbs and off the tow she exceeds her designed hull speed.
Currently she is in drydock for a major rebuild. I realize this is not the
most powerful electric tug in the US but I believe she is the most powerful
on the East Coast. If anyone has a bigger one here in the East I would like
to know about your boat.


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Big Tugboat
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2005, 05:21:37 AM »
Welcome to P/Ducks Mike...and thanks for the info on your BIG
TUG...It looks like a real powerhouse.

I still think the Brits have us beat with that enormous "Pert" Class
paddler I sent your Modelboats group and which is in our files here.
But then of course that one is controlled by the operator ABOARD the
model and not R/C!

(By the way Mike is owner/moderator of Modelboats@yahoo!
which started a couple of weeks ago and already has over 30 members.
The scope is, of course a little larger than ours as it encompasses
ALL R/C boats.) Check it out anyway, there are some neat people up

Paul J


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