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Author Topic: Great Easter, WOW! Thats a challenge  (Read 2145 times)

David S Miller

  • Guest
Great Easter, WOW! Thats a challenge
« on: June 13, 2005, 05:13:44 AM »
OK! I've lurked long enough. I am Dave Miller a long-time (for ever)
fan of all things steam and industrial revolution. I love rivets! I
have also been a sailing and boating fan all my life: another 50
something member. I lived on a 42ft 1929 wood yacht for 7 years while
producing The Big Blue Marble, the first worldwide children's'
television series. At that time, 1973-8 I was in Santa Barbara
California, USA. I now consult in Brand and biz strategy and live in
Mission Viejo California. That's about 20 min. from Disneyland so
with my many years of annual passes I can get my Mark Twain or
Disneyland Railroad fix any time I "need" it. These days that's
about once a week!

I have been a modeler of all things Steam, all things Victorian, and
some vintage Si Fi since childhood and am thrilled to have found you

While working in the film biz 1979-90 I developed many properties for
feature consideration. One of my favorites was a simi-fictional
feature film written around the development, construction and
misbegotten carrier of Brunel's Great Eastern [The Leviathan]. I have
considerable story research, (some ghost stories included) photos
and drawings which I can forward. I will need to dig all this
material out of storage but would love to participate in seeing that
wonderful ship breath steam again! I will begin my search and report
as soon as I can pull it all back together.

What are the rules about attachments? JPG's - size restrictions -
word.doc's - PDF's ... have you all arrived at any standards or
policy on such matters?

Glad to be here!
Dave Miller
So. California, USA


  • Guest
Great Easter, WOW! Thats a challenge
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2005, 05:14:13 AM »
Hello David,

Thanks so much David. I really would appreciate any material about the Great
I am slowly planning on how to make the 1/350 model. I probably will do
plank-on-bulkhead for the hull. There are no sharp curves on GE's hull, so
that should prove to be fairly easy. I can easily get turned brass masts.
They wouldn't be cheap, but within a reasonable price range for the GE as
she has many non-tapered parts which don't need turning. Round brass rod
will do. In a larger scale I probably would use wooden masts.
I know all general measures and I have enough material to make the hull. I
still need to figure out how to make the paddle wheels (custom photo etched
brass????) very expensive.
What I (actually my fellow modeler and me) need is good rigging plans and
those that show deck detail and the correct funnel size and shape. The
funnels are round in the paper model but we suspect that they where oval
Any photography is very welcome also. I can accept JPEG, GIFF and Word
I am still using the computer at my workplace. Soon I'll have my own. I'll
forward my new email address to the Paddleduck group as soon as I am online
at home.

Thanks you very much for your attention David. by the way I LOVE rivets
myself. I am also a model railroader. I model and collect rolling stock of
the PRR during the early 1950s. Lots of heavy duty steam locos and riveted
first generation diesels here.

Cheers and happy modeling

Christian Schonberger, Lisbon Portugal


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