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Author Topic: Cast paddle wheels  (Read 1861 times)


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Cast paddle wheels
« on: June 26, 2006, 11:40:08 PM »
Now that it has warmed up a bit, I am back to working on the Moyie. I am building a set of wheel arms in basswood which will be used as a pattern for the four sets of wheel arms that support the buckets.

Since the Moyie had 17 buckets on her wheel it was a little tricky to lay it out accurately so I wrote a computer program to plot the arms and print it onto a piece of cardstock which became the basis for an assembly jig.

Even with the jig, it is hard to be entirely accurate in the layout of the wheel arms over four sets so I decided to build only the one set, which I will pass on to a client of mine who is a denturist. He is going to make the four sets of arms from this pattern by casting them in the same material he uses for making athletic mouth guards. He assures me that this material is exceedingly strong and should be adequate for my needs.

I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of having the parts cast by a denturist? I will let you know how it goes and post a few photos when I can.


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