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Author Topic: APAM- My Collections!  (Read 5368 times)


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APAM- My Collections!
« on: July 25, 2006, 09:12:43 PM »
My colllections of Paddler related items are located in a few locations. As such I've given each location a name and I will now go through these items with you all!
Basically if it has a paddler on it I will collect it (if it's a reasonable pocket money purchase price, and what I find does tend to be!)
This as such includes glasses, mugs, cards, pictures, tourist brochures, bags, hats, stamps etc!

So let's get through the first section!

The Emmylou Box
The Emmylou box collection starts with a great find at my girlfriends work (a lolly shop...I now work at one of their franchised stores!) Tins of shortbread came in with pictures of various aussie landscapes on them...this one had the Emmylou on it. As such I recieved it as a present!

What does it contain?
Well firstly there is the tin!
Then there is:
22 Tourist leaflets
1 Map of Echuca
1 Visitors guide to Mildura
4 Adelaide tickets
4 Newspaper cut outs
1 pack of Christmas Cards- All the same picture but a pack of 10
1 old Friends of the Port card
5 Picture/Magazine cut outs
2 Matchboxes
1 Port of Echuca envelope with Port post mark! (That's the good part!)
1 Port of Echuca Bag
23 Pevensey Tickets- 3 unused- There were no other tourists and as we get on for free with the Friends of the Port card they don't run the cruise because no one is paying
1 Swan Hill pioneer settlement guidebook!
2 'Our Trip on the Paddle Steamer Pevensey' leaflets with signatures from all crew members!
2 Swan Hill paper bags
1 Paper bag with Port Of Echuca sticket stuck to it
2 Port Of Echuca guide maps
1 Postcard that I sent to my dog for his birthday!

That's 76 items (Including the tin!) and here they are in the picture below spread out on the study floor!


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APAM- My Collections!
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 11:42:34 AM »
Just a note- because Roderick messaged me about this the other day,


This is about maybe 1/4 of my collection. I haven't delved into the Port Of Echuca Bag Collection- home to articles and items out side of Echuca and then the Port Of Echuca Envelope Collection- Echuca articles, letters etc

Then there are my books, my photo albums and more!

I think I'll get out my Echuca bag and write everything up so you can kind of see how big my collection is!


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APAM- My Collections!
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2006, 12:05:40 PM »
The Echuca Bag Collection

The Echuca Bag contains items that don't come from the Echuca area. It also encloses the envelope of my Echuca specific collection. However I will post that collection seperately.

So the Echuca Bag contains:
5 Issues of Old Glory
1 Issues of Australian Model Engineering
1 Swan Hill Region Visitor Guide To The Heart Of THe Murray
1 Penrith Tourist Brochure (featuring PV Nepean Belle)
1 'The Riverland Sun' Tourist Newspaper (Renmark Area)
1 'The Murray Riverina Tourist News' Newspaper from Northern Victoria Murray Region
1 Milduura Official Visitors guide 2005/2006
1 Mildura and Murray Outback tourist guide
1 'What's On Along The Murray' Publication from Yarrawonga and surrounds
1 2005 RACV Board Election Vote slip containing PV Pyap on Cover
1 Australian Amateur Boat Builder Magazine featuring PS Marion and PS Minimus
1 Grow Mildura Kit (I picked this up at a careers expo near my home town, 6 hours away from Mildura. Was good to see some river faces!)
1 Swan Hill & District Tourist Map

17 Items in total!


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APAM- My Collections!
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2006, 12:17:50 PM »
The Echuca Envelope Collection
Featuring items related to Echuca and its surrounds!
The collection also includes the wonderful presents given to me from the students I performed a speech to. They will be added seperately as the 'Present Collection'

The Echuca Envelope contains the following:
1 Shire Of Campaspe Envelope featuring Port Of Echuca Day Pass Sticker
2 Teacher Resource Packs- the old and the updated version
2 'What's On' Tourist Publications
1 Map of 'Wrecks of the Murray' in the Echuca area
2 Newspaper Articles- 1 on Echuca itself, 1 on the Murray featuring a few bits on Echuca
1 Port Of Echuca Envelope, featuring 1 Port Of Echuca Postal Stamp
1 Let's Celebrate (The Commonwealth Games) At The Port Of Echuca post card!
1 The Central Murray Tourist guide book featuring 3 books on more distinct locations eg Echuca
2 Pictures/Maps from a Country Vicroads publications
1 Ruler
1 Heritage Steam Festival 05  Flyer (my 06 one is missing)
1 Letter from the Port Of Echuca
7 Friends Of The Port newsletters 1 featuring an article on yours truly!
1 Royal Auto- featuring Chris from PD's (Uppergully)
1 Port Of Echuca bag

In total 25 items!


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APAM- My Collections!
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2006, 12:41:47 PM »
The Present Collection

Ok the Present Collection is called such because:
Awhile ago now I went to Osbourne Primary School to perform two speeches on Australian Paddle Steamers to the kids in grade 1 and 2. The speeches were a huge success with me dressing up in my period garb, making them a DVD to watch, using one of my models (The A.A) to show them parts of the boat, getting them up to make a human paddler and reading them a story...with lots of different accents which made them laugh!

The following is what they gave me as presents for which I was very thankful!

15 Cards with handwriting and hand drawn pictures of paddlers and me from the students of one class.
1 Card from the teacher
1 Australian Paddle Steamers Fold Out Pin Up Book
2 Photos of me making a 'Human Paddler' with the kids
4 photos of the A.A
1 Thank You Sean folder containing:
21 Letters and pcitures from more students!

So that's 26 items!


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APAM- My Collections!
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2006, 07:46:38 AM »
Nice Collection - see mine is really not that big in the scheme of things, but it is still growing steadily and it is getting larger by the day (well maybe not day but you get the drift eh?)... Good Work.. Keep on Collectin'!


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