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early paddle steamer engines (pages from 1935 book)


I've recently acquired a copy of "Marine Engines History and Development - Science Museum Handbook" from 1935, so rather than having it sitting on my bookshelf and might only get seen once again in the next 20 years, I thought I'd post a few pages here about paddle steamers before donating the book to the local model engineering and model boating club library so that it can be seen by others too. As for copyright, I'm not too technical on these things but the author died in 1948 so I think that the copyright has expired, in which case I can post it here  :) (or can the mods delete it if I cant)  :(

so first of all is the cover and then a  chapter on "Experimental and early marine propulsion"

then a chapter on paddle engines

and finally part of the chapter on propulsion.

Thanks optima21 ....access to this Book was I assumed great reading for Members   :crash



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