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New Sternwheel Towboat Kit Coming


Howdy folks,

For those who don't know my background, I'm an American living in China who has a love for sternwheelers having grown up years ago on the upper Ohio River.

I have been working with a small manufacturer of model boat kits to develop an American towboat along the lines of Major & another sternwheeler that served on the Ohio my hometown ferry. This came about after I purchased several of their Q3 tug kits & inquired if they'd be interested in developing some other "off-the-wall" subjects. One of those I pitched was a sternwheeler which they liked since it ties in well with other work boats they currently offer.

I'm currently providing guidance and reference material for their initial study & design, & currently a planned release will occur sometime later this year. Other than knowing this would be a laser plywood kit with 3DP & brass parts, I don't have any others details at this time but would expect it will be full kit like their others including motor & drive assembly; rudder linkage. etc.. you'll need to purchase ESC & servos separately. A barge kit is also being considered, possibly in several configurations. I'm quite pleased with the overall quality & design they put into their work so have no hesitation in recommending them. I've attached a photo of one of their kits to give an idea on what you can expect.

As a disclaimer, I have no commercial interest whatsoever in this project other than seeing a neglected subject being developed into a viable, reasonably priced kit that would allow the builder to customize to their need. They currently produce several mini tug kits that are sold through sales agents on eBay.

I'll keep you folks posted as more developments come about. Should anyone have questions, feel free to ask.



Steven S:
Hi Chuck - Little Joe interest me too.  Here's a picture from the port side.

Eddy Matthews:
I'm definitely interested in this one, please keep us informed on progress!



--- Quote from: Steven S on April 22, 2021, 08:27:48 AM ---Hi Chuck - Little Joe interest me too.  Here's a picture from the port side.

--- End quote ---

Good to hear, Steven. I have many photos of Little Joe & his sister boat, Judy Ann, which allowed for speedy two boat service from New Martinsville to Duffy on the Ohio side. Both were replaced once the Ohio River bridge was completed in 1960. Here's a photo of the smaller gas boat Loraine that served as the town's ferry during 1920s.


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