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SWPS Corowa (Murray River, Australia)

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Roderick Smith:
I can't find an existing thread to which to attach this.  I'm not sure how it got to my computer.  Normally I include the source in the file name.


The lengths and sizes of the timbers are a little mystifying? guess of say 3' and 4' long planks, then 8" x 10" x 3' long blocks?

The timber species doesn't appear to be a rough sawn hard wood, too smooth, uniform [not bent/bowed] & lighter in colour?  :whistle


I'll take a guess & say the wood pile of pieces is the boiler fuel?

Walter Snowdon:
Hi Roderick. Could the timber piles be for making boxes?. If you look at the piles of crates they are about the same shape and size. Regards, Walter

Yes Walter....maybe my 3" is a little oversize :nono , and maybe they made box's from thick timber

I think box timber [or the like] is the correct answer  :clap



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