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3-Cylinder Oscillating Paddle Engine project Malcolm Beak

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Hi everyone, I built the engine designed by Malcolm Beak, had to modify it to metric measurements and had to make changes due to the available equipment and the procurement of material. Apparently it works, it won't go on any boat, it will be for demonstration purposes only. Forgive my English

Firstly may I say your Written English appears perfect.......secondly yes the engine does certainly work congratulations.... :bravo


Steven S:
Iím very impressed with your engine and wish I had a suitable shop to make one.  I spent my life working with wood and never got much into metalwork.  I also never realized how simple a steam engine could appear to be.   Nice job.

Well done.   :bravo :bravo :bravo :bravo :bravo :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

I know this engine - it would be a very reliable and interesting direct drive propulsion for paddlesteam boats.


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