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Wood - and coal fired vertical boiler

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The boiler is a crosstube one with a wet firebox, only two strong crosstubes (ca. 25 mm diameter) one upon another and the smoke tube with 2 further small crosstubes, it goes into the funnel like in the sketch.
When I got the boiler, I looked at the riveted joints, I don`t found silver solder but a soft alloy of - like I suppose - tin and lead metal. As far I know in former times the riveted joints were tighten with this soft and low melting alloy. As far there is enough water in the boiler, this alloy can`t be overheated. If not, the tighten alloy will melt and it must be difficult to repair this joints. But the strengthening of the boiler obviously is made by the rivets.

Today I made a further heating up with wood and charcoal. But charcoal is difficult to inflame, nearly no flames but only glowing fire gives no sufficient heat for the rather high firebox. I will try to get some anthracite, which for the 5 " and 7,5 " locos is used.

Yesterday I got this nice steeple engine via ebay.  All threats are metric, bore and stroke are 19 by 38 mm. Height of the engine is 300 mm, weight 9 kg. Together with the vertical boiler this will be a nice steamplant. The compression of cylinder and piston seems strong when I turn the flywheel. Like the boiler also history of the engine is unknown. The combination engine and boiler will take some time because I`m busy with drawing the exact plan of the "Presto" steamer and a lot of further sketches for my book about steam driven ship models.


First test run of the steeple engine today - with steam from the big Regner boiler. The engine was running, but there were some leaks at the gasket between slide box and cylinder. After tighten with a new home made gastet the engine was running as good as soundless for a while, but after 15 minutes the piston nearly stucks. Obviously there was too less clearance between piston and cylinder and with the expansion through heat the piston stucks. Another reason could be, that too less oil comes to the cylinder.
We will see. I have polish the piston on my lathe - now it seems better. Tomorrow will be a further day...


Great success! I altered the steam tubes to and from the oiler to the slide box. Now slide valve and piston gets oil enough - the engine is running well and there isn`t any leak. Minimum pressure is needed by 0,7 - 0,8 bar, this seems relative high for turning - but I think, it`s ok.
Next job will be to arrange the vertical boiler with the engine to a nice and suitable steamplant. A feed pump and a water tank also will be required.



You make great finds on ebay Thomas. I look there from time to time but I have only seen Wilesco engines or multi K euro ones.
This engine looks great.



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