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Big paddler "Szöke Tisza" ex "Felszabadulas" raised

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On a Hungarian webside I now found, that big Danube steamer "Szöke Tisza" ex "Felszabadulas" (Obuda shipyard 1917) was raised. I saw the old Austro - Hungarian paddler first in 1972, when she was still in use as cruise ship. Again in 1997 in Szeget, when she was used as a dancing hall and still in rather good condition. In the follwing years no conservation work was made and the ship was deterioring rapidly. In 2012 she was cracked by ice and sank to the ground.

For years, the ship was listet as "scrapped" - I don`t understand Hungarian, but it seems, end of 2019 the poor wreck was raised. The condition looks very bad, much more than PS "Ryde". May be, nevertheless it`s possible, to make a complete rebuild? As far I know, the 3 cylinder compound engine was rescued before ship was sinking. The pictures of the interior of course were made before sinking and shows the expensive if the equipment.

Sorry, the file of pictures is too large - you can show many pictures on "Szöke Tisza", Szeget.


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Interesting and sad, Thomas.
I looked at a lot of the pictures available and I doubt there is any substance left for a rebuild.
The whole superstructure is gone. From the pictures it is not possible to tell if anything was removed prior to the "recovery" or if it just collapsed.
Anyway, it seems somebody came up with the money to pull her ashore. Let's see what's next.


Yes, Jurgen, the condition is more than bad, it`s like a ruin, not only a wreck.
But one must conclude, that the New Zeeland paddler "Waimarie" also spend more than 20 years on the bottom of the river. The present "Waimarie" must be more a reconstruction than a rebuil. In this background - the main thing is money and work. If this comes together, it would be possible to make a new ship around one rivet...


The "Szoke Tisza" sinking, must be in beginning 2012.


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