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Graupner Glasgow modification

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Yes Eddie, with a T34/76 turret on the front as per the inspiration picture
As soon as I can get a 'so far' picture to resize I will post it , also welded deck for and aft with an armoured belt riveted over in the centre ( like a BK1124)

thanks to Eddy, here are a couple of pics for your comments,
Yes the hull isn't deep enough with the scale changed to 1/16 ( I had a spare 1/16 turret laying about from a previous BK1124 build) but on the  water it doesn't look too bad . . . . I'm hoping people will be too busy counting rivets to notice.

Eddy Matthews:
It's looking good to me Rob, even though there have been many Graupner Glasgows modified over the years, I've never seen one like this, so it will certainly stand out from the crowd!

I always thought the Glasgow hull could be cut at it's widest point and lengthened fairly easily to give a hull suitable for one of the Rhine paddlers...

Keep up the good work and let us know how it proceeds...



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