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Graupner Glasgow modification

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Well , I've been after one for years and found this one on eBay.
It looked good.
Got it home, turned it upside down and it all but fell apart, it had been painted before glueing.

I was somewhat miffed I must admit, so started the rebuild after seeing this pic

If I can resize ( or someone can do it for me) you will be able to see it here.
Drive is still single motor with graupner white gears. Twin motors with chain drives might be an option later.
I have replaced all pins in the paddles with 2.5x10mm bolts and nyloc nuts.

Here is a better pic of the inspiration

Eddy Matthews:
Are you going to build it as an armed paddler with a gun etc? It would certainly be different!

I used to have a "Glasgow" many years ago, and it was always a good sailing model - I never found the need for independent motors as it turned pretty well without, and saved a lot of expense and complexity.



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