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Wheel cranks and twin sternwheel questions


JL Frusha:
I'm in the midst of working up a driveline for a real-world ~30 ft sternwheeler, that I'm still in the figuring-stuff-out stage...

She's to have twin paddlewheels, like the "Wild Goose".

I have the motor/Pitman drive figured, using electrics, a gear reduction unit, and a marvelous dual crank/multiple-link gizmo.

What I can not find is the wheel cranks and their typical throw, or any modern(ish) wheels/float designs.  Only thing I'm coming up with look either like toys, aerator paddle wheels, or just narrow wheels, like someone made 1/4th of a wheel.  I figure on 5 ft to 6 ft diameter, 8 float wheels.  I'd much rather run an old-fashione crank, than those offset cylindrical doohikies, since I'm certain I'm going to be making, or adapting, to get what I need, anyway.  Personally, I'd rather grind down, drill through, and use connecting rods, just for simplicities sake.

I actually like the look of one of the aerator wheels, but, since it's an aerator, the 'float' is structured Bass-achwards, will have an increase in lift, compared to plain board-floats, but dang if it wouldn't exit the water cleaner...  The Paddles resemble chair-backs, from when I was a kid...

Anyway, If there were no holes and the rib-reinforcement was on the reverse side, it might be worth experimenting with.

My idea is to have a pair of Pitmans, drive each wheel, with twin cranks (at 90*).  The drive system will be well disguised.  Each mechanism, for each wheel will look like a horizontal twin-cylinder something like the Emerson-Walker steam capstan and the Worthington-Simpson feedwater pump.  I like the valve-linkage for the feedwater pump...

I'd sure appreciate any help.

Later, Jeff F,
Cedar Creek, Texas

JL Frusha:
Forgot to mention: Will be modeling (quick-and-dirty) a couple of hulls in the next month, to see which one seems to sit right, while I put together a Visqueen vapor-barrier and 2-by temporary 'shop'.

Hulls are loosely based on what I was raised calling jon-boats, not just flat-bottom, but Garvey, with a low dead-rise and some added rocker.


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