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Hi Guys,
             I am looking for any info on the' Hjejlen' paddler.Plans,photo's ,drawings or has anyone got an old billings kit they will sell or loan so i can duplicate it. As i say any and all info will be greatly appreciated.
                             ken rawlins

Eddy Matthews:
I have a Billings Hjejlen Ken.... It's probably about 85-90% built. It's yours for free if you want it, but you'd have to collect from Thornaby in Cleveland.


  That will not be a problem if you are sure,just let me know when and where.I look forward to meeting you.
                            All the best and paddlers rule
                              Ken Rawlins

Eddy Matthews:
Hi Ken,

Any time that suits you.... Just PM me or email me and I'll give you my address etc.


Walter Snowdon:
Or Better still, why not try to make it for paddler day- you will be mopre than welcome and Eddy WILL be there!!!. Regards, Walter.


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