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I have an ever growing set of books on Murray River Steamers (australia) and their stories some fiction some non fiction all br one second hand....yes it is terrible that the majority of these books were published in the early eighties and so are not readily available anymore!

Now my other passion is Miniature soldiers (Games Worskhop) and in their last Australian "White Dwarf" (model making magazine) had an article or battle on a steamer if you can get access to this magazine it may be useful or I could somehow post the pic of the steamer on the page...(maybe, there is copyright issues)

Anyway take a look and if you want more info...ASK AWAY

I have a lovely little book on Ships of the Inland Waterways which outlines a brief history of every ship to work the Murray-Darling System.

I am guessing you would have a copy of this??

I also have Alan Brown's book on the DEPV Talisman built for the London & North Eastern Railway.  Fascinating!

RRRRRRRRR I have it borrowed from the library at the moment, I'm wondering If I could lose

Nah I don't actually own it but wish I could!

I'll ask my old man where he got it as it was fairly recent addition.  I only discovered it sitting on the shelf at the shack.  We also have a navigation guide to the river.

Yes it is a good book, I've just been looking at it! Gotta love the library my fav book is Paddle Boats of the Murray Darling River System by Brian Marshall I aslo own quite alot of Peter J Phillips books, I think he has written the most about Murray steamers


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