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Walter Snowdon:
Whilst not a paddler, an exciting new project in Scotland is well on the way to completion. A new screw excursion steamer has been built on the Clyde and is being assembled on the banks of Loch Tay. She is called the SPIRIT OF THE TAY and is built on Victorian steamer lines, with a clipper bow and a steeply raked tall funnel. She is neering completion and looks very smart in her royal blue hull colour.

 Visit for a history of steamers on loch Tay and numerous photographs of her construction and assembly. Well worth a visit. Cheers, Walter.

That does look like an interesting project, I take it the ship will be steam powered?...

Walter Snowdon:
Sorry it took so long to answer- SPIRIT OF THE TAY will be powered by a reconditioned 103 YEA OLD!! twin compound Crabtree steam engine taken from an old ferry.  Walter


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