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Hi, everyone,
I'm starting on an RC model of the Bailey Gatzert, a sternwheeler
from the early 20th century. It was a ferry on the Columbia River and
in the Puget Sound of Washington State, USA.

To be honest I simply find it attractive, although the sternwheel is
an object withwhich I have no experience. Should be fun!

It's nice to join in with a group of folks with this shared interest.

Michael Beetham
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

george britnell:
Welcome Michael,
I hope you have an enjoyable stay as there is just about anything here that you would like to know about paddlewheelers here and abroad. If you have any questions please feel free to ask as everyone here is very helpful.
George D. Britnell

Hi, George, thanks for the nice welcome. As a matter of fact I have a
question regarding the cable used to control the two monkey rudders
behind the paddlewheel on the sternwheeler (i.e. from the monkey
rudders to the servo, with a slight turn by the paddlewheel.) What
material would be used for this in order to avoid corrosion? Would a
common flexicable suffice?

Michael Beetham

GJ. Nelson:
On my Jean quarter wheeler I used flexible airplane
cable which appears to have copper plating. The
Jean is 11 years old now and the cables look like new.
If you want to look, check the photo page for the Quarter
Wheeler Jean album.

Gary Nelson
Vancouver, Wa USA

Hi, Gary,
Thanks for you advice on this matter. I looked at the collection of
photos, and found them most helpful. To be honest I was worried about
that matter.
Happy New Year,
Michael P. Beetham,
Phoenix, Arizona USA


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