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Oldie returning from west Coast of Scotland.

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Welcome back Sandy. 

Walter Snowdon:
Glad your back  and still sounding your old piebroch self!! looking forward to hearing of any new builds up in gods country. Regards, walter

Oh about we get things in priority here  :shoot

1. I now have 9 grandchildren [yes nine] ...and all the apple of Pa's eyes  :sunglasses  but 3   I suspect have eyes for Pa's 1970 Sunburst Telecater & not me
2. Thank goodness your beloved Kate  :kiss1 was your bedside Nurse...God bless her [I am a believer of sorts  so it is not blasphemy]

......I am up to my 113th donation at the Bloodbank & have no aversion to needles
...but cannot take talking about any medi-type work as it makes my Nuts Tighten with pain

For all of my working life I held Private Heath insurance @ the highest level.........qualified for a few pairs or reading specks & a few teeth........retired as fit as a fiddle.... dumped my PHI, then 6 years later the body commenced the fall from grace or, fell to pieces ....

I do hope one day to finish this beautiful steam plant [however @ 6 kg for the plant]....I am having issues even lifting it out of the hull..........but that is another challange

How about I sign off here tonight & continue all on another ...[day that is  :whistle]

Take care my friend.........

Derek  :beer

Oh shucks... you mean I can't go in to all the gory details of how they fixed the hole in me lung for fear of our Derek getting tight nuts...never mind I will just carry on with everything else  :evil

Now Mr D Warner, about that old 1970's vintage bit of wood... well my 1970's vintage bit of wood wins, cos its got more knobs, switches and pickups than yours :tongue1... can you guess what it is?

However, it is also suffering the same controversy as yours, with my 2 of my 3  sons and 3 grandchildren all laying claim to it when I go.

Now Derek, you must make a Stirling effort to get that steam plant finished and into a boat cos if you leave it too much longer the boiler and engine will revert back to base materials... Chalcopyrite, Bornite, Silver, Zinc and a smidgen of Cadmium due to half life degeneration... :c002 :16  :sobbing .

As for Private Health insurance... yes it's typical is it not... you pay in all your working life and never need it, then when you retire and can't afford the premiums, and give it up, the old body starts giving out... ho hum!!!
The one saving grace over here is our fabulous NHS where the majority of procedures are provided free and I can safely say, I owe my life to them.

Walter and DamienG,
Thanks for the welcome back message, it's good to be back and whilst I may not be able to breath quite as well as before, I still have my sense of humour, thankfully.

I will give an update on some of my goings on in a separate thread.

Stay happy and healthy everyone.


OK got me   :squareone

1. My 100 year old copy of the Periodic Table does not list Chalcopryite..[so looked for it in Google]

2. Your instrument appears to be a special or Limited Edition of something I have never seen [since say 1960]........
3. an arm, laminated with an exotic Brazilian Rosewood [which is now a protected specie] also 2 more frets than my  Tele
4. a beautiful American Curly Cherry Blossom [Botanical Prunus Serotina] mirror cut & veneered top with a  single top bound body
5. only a guess here, but accurately stained with CuFeS2 into a Sunburst style with a glint of  tetragonal shimmer  :hehe
6. I do not recognise the complicated bridge/tremelo, nor the double reversed out of phase Humbucker bridge pickup?
7. Clearly you were never supplied with a Bridge cover [as Fender Teles had] which doubled as an  Ashtray .. .....[most Tele players were smokers in those days ]  :shoot

I am sure she would have sounded marvelous with that German Klemp ekkolette tape unit...before all of this electronic FUZZ rubbish :c002 was introduced
An aside here is the instrument case you display bears the tell tale signs of 50 + year old rusty latch & handle supports

[The case supplied with my Tele 35 ishy ears ago [to me] was not an original Fender....the Blue velvet lining was rusty, yes rusty, as were the latches and handle supports unusable & seized, the leather handle was cracked & near plastic like?! so I replaced the case 10 or so years ago]

In conclusion,  :picknose I do not know, however would love to know the Brand & specie of your instrument ...[I can then ask Mr Google for the rest]





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