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Oldie returning from west Coast of Scotland.

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Well now folks, our Derek has learned all about funny shaped crystal structures and what his boiler is made of, so he should now also think about what happens when those Tetragonal beasties come loose, due to atomic decay, and get stuck in his safety valve, or block his steam pipes.  :o :'( ;D :evil

The instrument is a 'Heritage Stat' made by ex luthiers of the 'Gibson' factory based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

When 'Gibson' closed their Kalamazoo factory in 1984 and moved the business to Nashville, these staff were left out of work... so between them they bought a part of the old 'Gibson' factory and started up 'Heritage Guitars' in late 1985 making handcrafted guitars of their own.

Mine is actually a little younger than your telecaster as it was one of the first batch made by 'Heritage' in 1986. (mine is no 3) so one of the first.
They continued this model until early 1991, so quite a short run and since they were all individually handbuilt they are considered a limited edition model.

You were pretty close about the construction of it though, the only small error being that the front is made from Flame Maple, rather than Curly Cherry, it is also quite thick at around 3/32"-1/8" so not exactly a veneer.
The finish is Cherry sunburst, without the Tetragonal crystals..LOL.

The pickups are all 'DiMarzio'  and the Humbucker at the bridge end can be switched to in phase, or out of phase by one of the small switches.

The tremolo roller bridge is a 'Kahler' and is a superb piece of engineering, far better than the 'Fender' one on the 'Stratocaster', however, it does not come with the ashtray extra... :P

It has a fast playing action, much faster then either of the 'Fender Stratocasters' I have had in the past.

I purchased it brand new in 1986, including the carry case, from a guitar emporium in 'Philadelphia' during one of my many business trips to the States.

I never got a chance to play it through the 'Klemt Echolette', which was the type we used in the band I was in for the vocals and was owned by our singer... tape loop life was a real pain with it though.
I did get to play it through my own 'Binson Echorec' before that went duff on me back in the 90's and it was, as you say, marvelous and I wish I still had the 'Binson'.

They don't make em like that nowadays...sadly.

Yes the carry case is showing definite signs of age and could certainly do with some new hardware being sought out, but the inner lining is still in pristine condition so will last me out and more.

'Heritage 'are still in business building hand made guitars from the same factory.

The lack of a pick guard is not a problem for me, since I don't use one very much.
I play finger style, much the same as 'Mark Knopfler' most of the time.

OK then, I think that about covers everything for now and I would suggest that we move any further discussions on musical instruments etc to another board... such as 'Other interests/hobbies' or some such as this board is really meant for new member introductions and we don't want to overdo things and upset our hosts or mods.

Keep safe and healthy down there in upside down land.

All the best.


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