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Oldie returning from west Coast of Scotland.

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Hi everyone,

Some of you will already know me from the old forum, for better or worse... :o  :evil

For those that don't, I am a retired model engine and boiler manufacturer and have one or two of my designs already on the forum downloads, assuming they were carried over from the old forum.

My main interests are designing and making model steam engines and model boat building.

I look forward to many happy discussions on this new forum.

Thanks for allowing me to join you.


Eddy Matthews:
Welcome back Sandy, it's great to see you online again, you've been missed!!


Hi Eddy,
Long time no chat eh!!

The past few years have not all been good for me health wise but have tried to keep doing as much as I am able to.

I tried to contact you a while back by email but it came back with an unknown email address, so I guess you must have changed yours.
I had the same problem with Derek Warner so I must get his new email address as well.

I was forced to change mine about 5 years ago when my original provider left the market, so I had to find a new one... ho hum!

It is good to be back with you and the gang and I hope I can be of some use to some folks.

I have spent a couple of hours or so tonight finding my way round the new forum and I think I have found all the necessary bits, but time will tell.

I hope you and yours have managed to keep clear of this nasty Covid stuff. Kate and I have both had our two vaccine doses and feel a little easier about venturing out now... I was diagnosed with COPD (8years ago) after collapsing in Tesco's car park in Oban, followed by a week in Hospital with a hole in one lung (Pneumothorax) caused by a bacterial infection, and have had to stay well shielded for the past 14 months... but hey, I'm still here and Just have to pace myself a lot more now.

Keep Happy.


Goodmorning young Sandy......

I was aware that Bogstandard was not in good health, but so is life
A little disturbed with your lot.......I hope you didn't obstruct vehicular traffic in the TESCO car park when you decided you needed a rest :whistle

I haven't changed my e-mail address....just left click on the name to the left <<<<<<<<
I have grown older, not necessarily wiser, Doctors prescription medication keeps me broke, however just enough for the odd  :coffee

I have grown a walking stick as I am booked in for a new hip in 12 months time

As always my best regards
Derek :beer

Hi Derek,

But of course I caused mayhem in Tesco... I deliberately crashed out in the middle of the out lane and created a massive tailback, which got even worse when the ambulance arrived to pick me up... did you expect anything else ;D ::) :evil.

Fortunately the Oban Hospital is just the other side of the Tesco complex so the ambulance arrived with a couple of minutes but spent about 15 minutes or so treating me where I lay (traffic tailback still growing longer)... they had to jab a huge needle through my side to release the trapped air which was causing unbelievable pain and then got me on oxygen and did further checks on me before getting me onboard the ambulance.
Once at the hospital they gave me an Xray and a CAT scan and that's when they found the hole in my left lung.
Further tests provided the cause as being a bacterial infection in the lung and I was given strong antibiotics via a drip feed in my arm.
They then wired me up with all sorts of other gizmo's and I spent the next week (actually 8 days) getting put back together.
The first 3 days were the worst as I was bed ridden and had so many wires and tubes attached I could not move, or even sleep, very much.
On day 4 they took some of the fixed monitoring gear away and fitted me with a small portable unit, which at least allowed me to get up a walk around a bit and also get some much needed sleep.

Kate was beside herself with all these goings on and thought I was not going to make it, but she was reassured by the doctors that she was not going to lose me... yet.
She did have to do a 90 mile round trip every day to visit me though which she found somewhat stressful, cos 90 miles on Scottish mountain roads is no fun, especially when your stressed out, as she was... bless her.

Not something I would want to go through again I can tell you.

Now what's all this about you growing a walking stick?, :porkies
you could have just used that old Fender telecaster to hold you up  :yeahbaby :08

Seriously though, I do hope you manage to get that hip sorted asap. :goodluck

Sadly all these things are part of our both growing older, but hopefully such occurrences don't get any more sever and that we have many more years left in us yet.

Take good care.

Best regards as always.


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