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Small Edwardian Paddle Steamer

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  Lovely work and good photo's too. :clap

thanks for your kind words guys :) and this is the only place where Im posting this project. I've done some CAD work on the boat with solid modelling.......when I say CAD, that's Cardboard Aided Design.  ;D

so here's roughly what it might look like when its done, but can still change at any time.  I ended up getting a few cheap books off ebay for inspiration, and they'll end up in the local model engineers / boating club library. as then others can use then too rather being stuck on my shelf and not being seen again. I find it so much easier handling a book rather than trawling the internet looking for pictures etc.

ohh and Ive got a deadline of 7/07/21 to to get this finished for for an open day at the model boating club.


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