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1:25 scale Quarter-wheeler river Drogher

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Steven S:
My hull is progressing nicely.  Before I fastened the false deck on I wrapped it in cling film, floated it in the bathtub and added some weights to balance it closer to the waterline.  I have now permanently fastened in 3 pieces of 1/4x4x12 inch steel just forward of centre.  Next I will add a fiberglass layer to the bottom and paint it.

Looks very good. To the independent wheels: The steering effect through independent stern- or quarterwheels is - in opposition to sidewheels - not very strong. One will see. From my sight of view, it would be more secure, to plan one rudder just behind every wheel. Best solution would be, after my experience, a bow thruster.


Steven S:
Beautiful boat Thomas, it has given me a few ideas for some of the detailing on my boat, like the checkerplate under the boiler and the maybe the arched roofs although I think my type of boat (drogher) was built more "rough and ready", not quite so pleasing to the eye.  I will have lots of questions when I start building my boiler such as how water was added on the real boat.

I am not a boat guy so I spent some time today researching Bow Thrusters.  They are very interesting, I thought that they are external pods under the boat, but I see that they are an internal pump in a tube with the two inlets/outlets cut into the side of the hull with the tube fitted across.  I could fit it up against the front bulkhead if I find that I need it, as long as I am careful on where I add any forward ballast for my final water tests.  I will have a rudder, but I don't think it will be very effective.

I have added a layer of 52 gram fiberglass cloth to the hull and a couple of coats of red paint.  Do you think that they would have painted a waterline on such a boat?

I was going to start thinking of deck planking next, but my motors and controller arrived so I've made the drivetrain mount and am starting on the paddlewheels.  I am very interested if this "Robot" controller will operate as I expect.  All the ponds around here have very hard water (ice) at this time of year so my water trials are a long way off I'm afraid, but I can still bench test the operation.


--- Quote from: Hankwilliams on November 08, 2020, 08:19:45 PM ---Looks very good. To the independent wheels: The steering effect through independent stern- or quarterwheels is - in opposition to sidewheels - not very strong. One will see.

--- End quote ---
With angles/diagonal floats however, the steering effect of a quarter wheeler would be much stronger, as already explained here:


Steven S:
Hello Moritz, Do you think angled floats would be on my quarter wheeler?   The wheels are 6mm from the sides of the hull and do not extend below or behind it.  I do not see where the diagonally directed water would go other than hit the side of the boat so I think they would be of minimum usage.  I agree that they may be of greater use in a stern wheeler as shown in the diagram.

I will not be able to use my boat for five or more months as winter is here now so I could make an extra set of wheels for it with the blades angled to converge about 600mm behind the boat.  It would be an easy change to test this theory in a practical way.  Do you think 600 is a good point or should I aim for less?

I hope to have the rest of the electrics in today so that I can bind them to my transmitter and run the basic receiver setup.  Then it's on to planking the false deck.


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