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1:25 scale Quarter-wheeler river Drogher

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Steven S:
Iíve finished my deck crane and some of the deck cargo, although I will redo my double blocks later. I had to make my own as I couldnít buy any locally, and know that I should have done a better job. I just ripped a piece of maple into a quarter-inch square, cut it to length, sanded the edges, drilled some holes to represent the pulleys and glued some brass loops in and then stained it to a dirty grey colour.

I wanted the mast to be removable so I cut off the bottom couple of inches and glued it into the hull, and then epoxied a brass tube joiner onto the stub.  Now the mast and the smokestack are removable for transport and storage.  I cut the parts connecting the boom to the derrick out of 1/16 plywood and a small piece of maple glued and them into place to make a working pivot.

I just have to finish off the rudder linkage and build some more cargo to finish the boat. I also need to add a couple of passengers sitting on the bench and a deckhand/fireman to finish the project. The only ones I could find turned out to be extremely expensive because of shipping so I am still hunting for another source.

Very interesting boat, Steven! The details made the model lively. I would like to see her on water!



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