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Author Topic: 3d Printed Paddle Boat Shelf Filler  (Read 1120 times)

Offline Agrow

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3d Printed Paddle Boat Shelf Filler
« on: June 29, 2020, 06:02:42 PM »
For those that are into 3D Printing, I recently came across this model on Thingiverse for a paddle boat "ornament" with an optional display stand

Attached are some photos of my print showing the individual pieces and all three together.  I only had white filament so the "water" needs to be painted at some stage (and possibly detail the boat itself).

The only issue I found wat that the Stacks are a bit fragile if you print at 20% Infill (I dropped the first one and they broke off).  I printed a second boat, modifying the Slicer to print the stacks solid (100% Infill) and it seems stronger (although I havent tried the drop test again!!  :oops)


Offline DamienG

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Re: 3d Printed Paddle Boat Shelf Filler
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2020, 01:43:58 PM »
 :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap


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