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Ol Man River:
I am in the process of building a radio-controlled 32nd-scale model of the "Eppleton Hall" paddle tug. As I am starting to work on the deck level, I am looking for detailed information about her chain steering gear. The drawing from HAER (US National Parks Service) is quite schematic and it's not clear to me if the chains ran totally exposed above the deck or were enclosed in piping or a trough. The plan also doesn't show how the chains get from the deck to the wheelhouse.

Does anyone out there have any information or could direct me to where I can find this stuff out?


Welcome OMR  :coffee ....certainly, the Eppleton Hall is a beautiful vessel to model

I know very little about her & the WEB has some images....although not so helpful

The first image below of her stdb side deck level & the Bulwark supports displays no evidence of either a chain or steering rod tucked in above deck level........

If I were to guess, vessels of her size and age used a combination of chains @ the helm down to deck level via a few pulleys .......then a few meters of steering rod [less expensive] the back to chain leading equally to the rudder stock quadrant

With her displacement of ~~100 tons, the vessel could not have carried coal bunkers & steamed from Newcastle in the UK to San Francisco......there are a number of images of Fore & Aft sailing masts which I suspect were used whenever possible 

There are also some very expensive  :picknose download mater listed

Finally, will you steam her with twin independent engines?

Keep us posted with images as you go...............

Derek  :beer

Ol Man River:
Thanks for your response, Derek! I suspect you are right about her chains and/or steering rods. I am trying to model her closer to what was likely the original rather than her current look in San Francisco. I may follow what was aboard the steam paddle tug "Reliant" which was very similar and had chains in pipes from the wheelhouse to the deck, and then open chains running through pulleys along the bulwarks to the rudder quadrant. That seems most likely, I think.

My model has two electric motors which I can control independently just like the real thing! It also has a steam engine sound module and a smoke generator. I also plan to install LED lights. The rudder is controlled by a servo (not chains unfortunately). So all in all, the model should be just as maneuverable as the real one was.

I'll keep you posted on my progress along with the occasional photo. I am currently also the president of the Winnipeg Model Boat Club ( Please check out our website.



Here we go:

Regards, Moritz

Ol Man River:
 :laugh:Wow, Moritz, these are great photos which will be very helpful to me! Where did you find them?

I think this will give me enough information to proceed. Thanks again, and I owe you one!



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