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Today I made a trip with my "Manassas" of Confederate Navy. The original was built 1861. It originate from a former tugboat and icebreaker. The complete superstructure  was removed and a very strong convex deck of 1 foot strong oak planks was built. The complete deck got an additional protection of 1,5 inch iron sheets.

The original "Manassass" wasn`t very succesful, after the second operation she got damaged and were sank by her commander Warley at Boothville, Louisiana, lower Mississippi. Because of the big iron masses the wrack today can be easlily located. Model is in scale 1 : 32, steam driven, displacement 19 kg, lenght 135 cm.

"Manassass" got a big flametub boiler of 120 mm diameter by 320 mm lenght. Capacity is nearly 3 litres. Propulsion by a Regner Junior engine, bore 12 mm by 16 mm stroke, working on two screws. With this water capacity one can drive nearly 2 hours uninterrupted.

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Thanks Thomas......I was wondering  :whistle what steam plant was installed ....I had not seen the Regner Junior in a boat....with the long 16 stroke, I am sure the engine would be a smooth runner!

What is the gear ratio?..... about 1.25:1 speed increase?
Does the simple <1 x 0 x 1> unbalance gear pinion drive directions cause any steerage issue?

If you had a gas could steam for say 1 hour.......bring her in & have a  :coffee cuppa.......then steam out again for another voyage before returning to shore after a days steaming

Ugly looking vessel :c002 , but all good fun..... Derek  :beer

Hi Derek,

the "Manassass" is one of my most uncomplicated boats. With the steam valve one can revers the engine at once, the effect of the rudder in opposite of a paddler is much more directly. Because of the big boiler no gas - steam regulator is necessary, at 3,5 bar the safety valve blow off, this produces a nice steam cloud over the boat. Gear ratio is 1 : 1.1. The effect of turning away caused by the 2 parallel turning screws can be neglected.

You find, it`s an ugly boat? It was complete purpose built - but the sphäric deck together with the sharp hull shape gives the boat a look of streamline, I think.


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