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CAD rendering of my drive system for the Liberty Belle


Hey Guys, I wanted to share this flyaround video of my latest project. I had rotator cuff surgery December 10th and that has had me out of work and fairly useless around the house. I may get to go back to work in a week or two. During this time I decided to learn how to use Fusion 360. I figured my good arm could still work the mouse of my laptop. I wanted to document the engines I built so the challenge began. I made a lot of mistakes that had to be redone and lots of youtube instruction on how to use Fusion ! This CAD file is within a thou or two of the real engines and paddle. I haven't figured out how to animate the paddle and engines in the animation space and have all the movement around the engines at the same time. I have all the joints in place in the model space, but my laptop seems to only be able to handle a few of them at a time otherwise it just about locks up. I can run the paddle, pitman arms, connecting rods, and pistons nicely. The valve gear and can move like it should but the two groups together is too much I guess. Anyway this was a lot of fun and I hope I'll get faster and better at this program.

Just for reference here is the original boat build thread that these engines power -

Here is the link to the video  -

brilliant, looks very good :)

Hi Pete....just November last, I  rolled over & fell from the momentous height of about 8" a  5" gauge steam train guards van ride [trying to stop a grandmother from colliding with the gravel around the track]

She had a few licks of skin off her elbow......I ended up in Hospital Casualty.......yes they thought I had a torn Rotator 

I had never heard of a Rotator...but sure can tell you what the pain was like :c002  :sobbing

Moral of the story...'if you see an 80 YO Grandmother falling over off from a model train.....[look the other way]'

Hope the recovery from the surgery is OK.....

Still have not figured out why you are now committing your engine build to Fusion 360 after it has been built & commissioned...


great job Congratulations

Thanks Guys! Sorry fo the delay I have been way to busy !

Derek - Thatís a funny story, I had something similar happen but it seems your advise was already in my head.  A little old lady tried to rush onto an elevator I was in as the doors were halfway closed and moving quickly.  She wasnít fast and the doors were. One of them caught her leg and down she went. I found myself just watching her hit the floor wondering why she would challenge the elevator to a fight. She wasnít hurt thankfully just embarrassed and your advise is sound because I came out unscathed !!

To answer your question, the surgery is a tough one to recover from.  It will be 2 months out of work when I return this Sunday. Itís surprising what you cant do with only one arm and the other in a good bit of soreness. I decided to learn Fusion 360 and used my existing engine to model. I wasnít   Ready to design something new.  All I had to do was measure out everything and use the mouse with my right hand.  It was much more productive than watching TV and eating ( about my only other option at the time )


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