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Blockade runner PS "Hope", major refit

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Dear friends and neighbors,

after 23 years my 1 : 48 blockade runner "Hope" needs a major refit. First engine, boiler and other installations were removed. Hull`s inside got a new paint - water and engine oil caused some dirt and mean lookiness. Today I made a boiler and engine test outside the model, some minor leaks are sealed now. The old Regner engine got new piston rings, also stuffing boxes (?) of pistonrods were renewed. When I will finished with this parts, the boat partly will get also new paint and improvements of some details.

Regards Thomas

Remember the refit of a vessel is not complete until the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the ship 

Thomas......I learnt this with my employment in the Dockyard  :hehe

Is this the older superseded Regner horizontal with the large cast entabliture base? ......I have a feeling you mentioned it some time it 12 x 36?

Do the oil cups in the engine big end bearing unscrew?.........I have installed M3 glass cups from Jin @ Microcosm to my Saito....very inexpensive  :shhh


PS.....I will have to sack the engine room Greaser, as the caps are not fitted squarely :ranting

Hi Derek,
yes, this is the Regner horizontal, bore 14 mm, stroke 18 mm. It`s out of trade since some years, I bought the kit 1994 at Dortmund Model exhibition. The oil cups have M2 threads. Gear reduction to paddleshaft is 2,2 : 1.
The pictures will show some advantage of restauration. In the beginning of november will be a big model and steam meeting at Lake Constance, but I will finish "Hope" before.

 :terrific :terrific :terrific

Eddy Matthews:
An absolutely magnificent model - I love it!!



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