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Hi friends and neighbors,

today on a cold and grey german winterday I didn`t like to stay at home, drove to our little pomd with my "Bohuslšn". Here some pictures of my 1 : 50 model, only 88 cm long, build by me in 1969 (Billing Boats kit). For decades she was only a  static model without propulsion. In 1997 the boat got a restore and a 3 cylinder oscillating steam motor was installed. This engine wasn`t reliable. A little later a small 2 cylinder oscillating engine was the better choice. The model is very maneuverable and even at this inclement dark and cold day it was pure joy! Dimensions of engine: Bore 8 mm, stroke 11 mm.


Most certainly a bright spot in a dreary day Thomas.

You have a ripper model.  :bravo :clap :bravo :clap

Thank you, Damian!

Beautiful boat and steaming nicely. Could we have a look at the steam plant?

of course. Here are some detailed pictures. The inside of the model isn`t as perfect, because it`s not much changed since I build her in 1969.



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