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PS Kingswear Castle Link failure


Ian Parsons:
The link in the PS Kingswear Castle in the Links Page ( fails, probably due to the linked page not existing any more. It is a pity to have lost this information; can anyone help to retrieve it please? My main concern is that drawings mentioned in the original topic ( by Walter Snowdon in 2006) have been lost.

Bob Golder:
Try that should get vyou there.

Ian Parsons:
Thanks Bob,
I got to Paddleducks via the Kingwear Castle website, and had contacted Nick Dunn at the preservation society, so I am going round in a loop!
Nick pointed me to a picture of the drawings of Compton Castle, but it is only 1 page and difficult (impossible?) to read the detail.
What I am after are drawings for Kingswear Castle. I have looked in to the archives at Greenwich, but cannot find anything there.
Anyway, thanks for replying to the request.

Try pulling it up on*/


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