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Morning Gents,

Just wanted to let you know that it looks like there's an issue with the Downloads system.   I've been keeping the forum software up to date, but there was never an available update for the Downloads system, so i figured it was up to date.  I've been manually fixing weird little bugs in it for a while, and now it seems to have just stopped letting anyone download.  I've added a 'quick fix', which seems to work, but it turns out it's a third party addon, and we're yeeears behind on it.  I've renewed the license, and reached out to the developer to see what we need to do to safely upgrade from the older version.  Hopefully they reply before the weekend, so I can back the system up and then upgrade it on Saturday :)

I'll keep you in the loop!


Damien (Jnr)

Morning rendag

Thanks for your note, as a trial I successfully downloaded a file [twice] from our PD's Download system....[path was Downloads...other files basket with a content of 5 files]

It is 'Ventilation_lighting Patient US 646291'.....copy as  attached

Whilst you Logon as Administrator, you may have a conflict with the number of posts requirement [25?] prior to the system allowing a download, as we see this is post No 1 for you


Downloads plugin has been updated to the latest version, hopefully any issues folks were seeing should stop now :D

Please let me know if anyone has any issues with the Downloads system after now :)

Ian Parsons:
Downloads are restricted to 2 per user per day. This seems like an unnecessary restriction with the current speed of transmission, computers, servers and other things that may have caused problems in the past. Can we change this please?

It's not really anything to do with download speeds, etc.  It's more to do with supporting the forum :) 

The plugins for the forum (including the download plugin itself) have a yearly license fee, the server hosting, domain registration etc, all cost money also.  If you're in a hurry to download more than 2 files a day, please consider taking out a subscription to help offset the costs of running the forum :)


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