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Drive set up for Lucy Ashton

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bill stafford:
my rule of thumb is 300/350 rpm at the paddle shaft , i dont allow anything for slip+we have a speed control to slow it down
typically 540 type motors+2, 1 per wheel +3:1 ratio reduction tooth belts  ratio to get shaft rpm right.
 this set up drives 4/4.5 ft loa paddlers well, latest used 1000 rpm planetary motors via 3:1 t belts to a set of adelaide p wheels, but wider than the adelaide used , UK paddle tug

Allan T Condie:
I built Lucy Ashton originally and the motor was one coupled to a reduction gearbox - a type no longer available.  With feathering paddles one does not need high paddle speeds or all you get is slip.  My first model Lincoln Castle we used a Meccano motor with adjustable gearbox and found that around 150rpm maximum was best, but that motor when I converted to electronic speed control and digital R/c  (my original set was an old reed one) caused too much interference so I had to look elsewhere.


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