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Drive set up for Lucy Ashton

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Hi paddleducks, not been on for a long time due to other commitments. But I have managed to get back to model boats  :). Recently I acquired a model of the Lucy Ashton, I am giving it a thorough renovation. My Waverley is on hold at the moment while I rebuild this model (not that I have had much chance to work on it for a while  :(). Now to get towards the point  ;D there was not much of the electrics left in it. What was in it was a small motor which didn't work any longer, attached to it a small planetary style gearbox. On the end of the box was a small cog, driving a larger one attached to the paddle shaft via a chain. There was nothing on the motor so no idea what size it was, but was the smallest motor I've seen. What I would like to know (at last everyone says lol  :D), I have got a MFA torpedo motor 500. Can anyone help as to how to use this to power the model, for tech details all I can say at moment it is appox 4' long by 14" wide. Sorry for long post but hope someone can help.

Could you post photos it may help someone understand your problem better. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks R.G.Y will do my best to get a couple of pics up, just ones i have are too big need to down size them. Not great at that bit lol, but will see what I can do.

I use photopad by NCH software for photo processing. Size / rotation / enhancement etc.

Cheers DamienG, will check it out thanks  :)


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