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Sorry, - not a paddler!


After finishing TSMV Bute, a friend asked me to build him a model of the minesweeper he sailed on back in 1953.
The end result is 5ft long and carries 17lb of ballast!
For those who may not recognise it, - it is an Algerine class, - HMS Rinaldo.

Very nice, and the picture wasn't a total loss--I see several nice paddlers in the background.  have they been featured here?
  Nice to see someone is still building. Forum seems kind of empty these days (and , no I don't have a personal excuse either).

Yes, Talisman, Marchioness of Lorne and Bute have all been on here.

No need for apologies Pete this section is for.

These warships look terrific  :clap :clap


Thanks Damien, a couple of shots of the model on sea trials.


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