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Found how to change the title it is now Paddleducks moving forward---->

Very pleased to say just over a year since taking on Paddleducks and we're running like a well tuned Steam engine.
At times I'm the only logged in member but there can between 10 and 50 people viewing the site during the 15hrs a day i'm logged in. Making the Paddleducks site active if not with posts certainly with viewers.


I haven't been posting as I haven't been building anything related to boats, but I keep checking to see how things are going.

I have just watched an interesting program on BBC4 all about the paddlers story.

It covers all the names we have come to know on here along with a video history. Well worth seeing if you get it on  'Catch up TV'.  I ran a copy at the same time so that I can refer back to it, in the future.



Roderick Smith:
I have been doing measurement statistics on various transport groups over the various styles: yahoo, php forums, flickr.  Nearly all have dropped traffic significantly over 2 years.  Much of that can be attributed to the disaster changes made by yahoo and flickr to appeal to a facebook generation.  The changes did not attract new young enthusiasm, they simply made the older one lose enthusiasm and post less and read less: a self-perpetuating downward spiral.  Years ago, I experienced this for the first time when Meccano Magazine tried to attract new youth by switching focus to publishing stories about rock music.  It didn't attract a new audience; it lost the old audience and folded.
Hence, don't go gimmicky for marketing reasons.
The main focus is on modelling: perhaps the body of knowledge is now so vast that little new can be added?
Likewise with the sections covering the prototype.



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