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Hi All,

 Ken, yes we will have some new stuff soon, check the website.

It has been so long since i last visited that i had almost forgotten that there are ways to help maintain this site, have a look over on the left side - Donations / subscriptions ;) ;)

Thinking aloud .. could the title be changed to a more positive title ... I'm no marketing Guru but i'm sure someone can think of something better ...

Paddling into the future ... like i say I'm no expert!

I'll think on it Kim any suggestions ?

Perhaps Sponsorship?

Hi PD's..........

1. The name "Paddleducks" ........I believe was created by a Paul Jordan [PJ] from Canada some 13 years ago
2. I think I was member number 12 in the group & have been a financial contributor for most of the years
3. Eddy would be the best reference to the name & date sequence of our WEB site etc
4. Validation is proof by history....not some 1/2 cocked concept of a new name! or where to make donations?
5. The same applies to our members who log on each day.......validation is proof by history

Goodness ...heavens.......considering thought is to maintain the name of Paddleducks ...........

If we can must be strength on strength of the name Paddleducks ...........Derek


Hi All
Aye ...It's  good to be back Derek, lol

I think you have read way to far into what i'm saying.

What i tried to say is every time a response is made to this post the log shows up ''the end of Paddle ducks''
Now where we can both agree is that neither of us would be happy to see that day?


Hi Damien,
A few moons ago i did step up and became an administrator on this forum, unfortunately i had to bow out of that duty due to an illness in the family and hence my absence since then.

If the need arose for an administrator to the forum then i'd be happy to be considered.

If memory serves me then yes there is a way to change the title, but like i say my experience is dated.


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