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Paddlers In Oxford


Went for a bit of a day trip to Oxford today and went for a punt.

Found these pedallos which were VERY cool.

Had a nice bit of speed to them too, not bad for pedalling paddlers.

18 for an hour on the water in one.

25 for a punt boat for half an hour with a chauffer. We didn't trust ourselves punting (and didn't want to work) so got this option. Not bad when you divide the price by three. Pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Wasn't a paddler though. But hey, we probably helped to put a kid through Oxford.

Hey Sean...glad you are enjoying yourself  :vacation ....... that bloke in the second image looks like that obnoxious Mark Latham [one time leader of the NSW Labour party]  :c002 .......Derek

To me he looks like Jonty Herndon from that TV antiques program.

Bob Golder:
Would make a great rescue boat for paddler day  :great


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