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Hi PD's....well my Y2DR has not turned up yet  :c002........& my call to the Commonwealth Bank  :police: has confirmed that the Melbourne Model shop has not debited my credit card.....but an e-mail suggests postage from Melbourne to Wollongong early next week  :porkies

Finding any real dimensional detail or reasonable photographs of a Y2DR is like trying to find a hens tooth  :sorry ....but I did find a recent sale on ebay as attached.......Derek

 :terrific ...the Y2DR arrived today & I have removed  :hammer a few bits....[the lubricator] already

Story now is....... :shhh...but Decoy will enter a dockyard on the Eastern seaboard....& be modified ......deck part removed to accept the new engine width & re-emerge as PS Goolwa............circa 1858 on Sydney harbour

This is necessary as the new larger engine & all the accessories will not fit in existing deck opening..... :c002.....Derek

I am sure it will be well worth the trouble Derek, that is a lovely looking piece of machinery. If however you end up tearing your hair out with frustration at trying to make it fit just send it over here, I have an 80" paddler with a ton of room inside. Cheers, Ian.

Derek, why don't you try to mount it diagonally for direct drive to the wheels? Most fixed-cylinder paddler engines were mounted that way and it looks very nice. You'd just need to make some adequate supports out of brass.

Hi PD's....& thanks kno3....I have sketched up some "pillar legs" of similar proportions to the ones shown below...just need to wait until the new larger & lower machinary plate is installed to gauge the correct pillar leg height etc

....I also need two shaft reducing couplings from the 4.0 mm engine crank size to the 5/32" paddle shaft...& this has been problematic in design due to clearances......but the fog  :shoot has cleared & I think we have a simple method of attaining this....& the pillar legs....via CREWE Engineering UK  :c017

I am also considering adding a small chain pinion in between two of the crank journals for a chain drive to boiler feed make up water pump......we have a few examples shown by Bernhard...although with rotating servo drive.....with the 9cc engine capacity I am sure I will have sufficient power....Derek


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