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So the paddle shaft below the engine is 1/4" OD brass precision rod with the 48 tooth pinion.......the Saito engine crankshaft is 4mm diameter with a 9 tooth pinion 

The paddle shaft is now supported in 3 plumber blocks with a 1/4"" ZZ stainless bearing in each [a pair on either side of the 48 tooth pinion], then the 3rd outboard on the opposite side, however all within the footprint of the plant base

The plumber blocks are each supported on a pair of M6 hex brass spacers tapped M3 top & bottom.[25mm long] this will provide a stable support [back to the steam plant base frame for the paddle shaft]

The paddle shafts [outboard of the engine] are also the same 1/4" brass bar & will be supported by another plumber block outboard of each wheel......a rigid coupling is planned on each side of the engine plant......


Oh.....PS....the 3 wise men persons also built a hand cranked anchor winch [along the lines of a Sailing Barge winch].....


Hi Derek,

Your senior helpers did a nice job on that winch.

I see that you moved the shaft below the engine, but it seems to me that the engine itself was not moved.
You mention that the engine was elevated by 45mm. Would that be a good idea regarding the CG?


Senior helpers   :gathering.....sorry, the one with the long shaggy white hair is actually a woman [of sorts] & she lets the others know it!

I understand 40+20 = 60, however this allows for the paddleshaft to be 45 mm up from the steam plant base... :whistle  :shhh ...engine & steam plant to be higher & in full view

Yes certainly of concern is the increased C of G, but I can only check this when the complete steam plant is down in the hull......and lots of splashes in the bath



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