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Hi PD's...... :shhh ...but yesterday I found  :crash a new unused Saito Y2DR horizontal steam paddle engine [9cc] in a Melbourne hobby shop  ....I suspect it has been there for years & years & years & yes  :shoot I have ordered & paid for it  :sobbing

So a few questions.......

Do any PD members have a Saito steam engine?........[Kiwi?]
Have you ever opened the engine to determine the piston seal type?
Getting WEB site information on the Saito steam product is CRAZY...... :ranting ...Derek

Derek, I have a V4 Saito and a fellow member of our group has a T2. Both run beautifully. I have copies of the original info sheets for both which, although the English is not too good, do tell you all you need to know including how to set the valve timing for the optimum performance in each direction of rotation. I have never had to dismantle mine but I will have a look at the parts list to see if it says anything about what the piston rings are made of. I seem to remember that when I got mine a few years ago and was looking for info that the name of an Australian agent popped up somewhere - Float A Boat perhaps?. I think it is highly likely that the engine would see action in a paddler far sooner on this side of the Tasman, it seems like ratre of progress with paddler building over there is as slow as the run rate of your cricket team. Shall I P M you my address?  ;DCheers, Ian.

mmmmmmmmmmm Hi PD's.... :gathering ...I knew one of my cousins from across the ditch had a Saito engine running

Lets just wait & see next week what I find....but as Ian suggests  :sorry it may take me 1/2 half of my current build....or 5 years to test the new engine........Derek   :tongue1

Hello Derek,

That's a very nice engine you've gotten! I also have a Saito T2DR (twin marine with short stroke, they also make one with a longer stroke and also an even larger model, which also has an increased bore):
This is the manufacturer's website with some details:

I am very happy with the way it runs. It is very precisely machined and starts running on low pressure, but is steam tight.
So if yours was well treated it should give you great performance. Since mine runs so well I didn't have to dismantle the pistons and don't know how they seal against the cylinder.
I have had a look at the valves though (just out of curiosity, and because it is easier to remove a valve cover than a piston) and found out that the cylinders have an interesting construction: they are cast bronze or brass, with the valve chest an integral part of the cylinder. The valve port face is then later machined into this casting. By the way, the casting quality is outstanding. I can send you some pictures if you need.

Let us know how your new engine performs (video!).

Hi PD's....& thankyou both... kiwimodeller & kno3 for your comments

I have five grandchildren  :c002 ......but await this true  :gift ...& will naturally photograph the engine & keep this as my engine WEB site ......Derek


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