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RFI Riverboat/sternwheeler kits

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Hi all (specially Joe if you're listening)

Just got an inquiry forwarded by the Paddle Steamers Gallery site
in the UK from someone who wants to find kits/plans of a typical
Riverboat Sternwheeler.

Here's a snip from it "more of an interest in static River Boat paddle
steamers as in the song " The Old Cotton Blossom No.1"
or as one would recall in the famous musical "Showboat" with Paul
Robeson taking the lead in the original live show. The more elaborate
and ornate the better. "

Pretty well sums it up. Anybody help out here with information oh


Joe E Brown:
The only three kits I can recall is the River King, Creole Queen,
and a wooden kit of the Robert E. Lee. The Lee was pretty ornate as I
recall and more of a packet boat from the era mentioned.

Well that's a good start, Joe and thanks for the input.

Let's see if we can get these Riverboat kits straightened out here,
and eventually put em up as a resource for people looking for this
kind of paddler model.

1) "RIVER KING" ...couldn't find it anywhere but you might be
referring to "King of the Mississippi" by Artesania Latina.

2) "CREOLE QUEEN" is the Dumas model. I have a picture of her and I'm
in contact with a guy in New york who just made one.

3)"ROBERT E. LEE" is the Amati model.

Now, apart from these, I know I've seen a large styrene kit.

okay...if anybody can add to this list...much appreciated.

Paul J

Joe E Brown:
Just a little movie history.

In the movie "Showboat" starring Joe E Brown as the captain, the
Cotton Blossom was a sternwheeler owned by John Wayne and all the
fancy ornaments and dual cascading stairways were stage props added
to enhance the movie. I heard the boat burned and John bought a
retired minesweeper and converted it to a liveaboard.

Thanks Joe!

Interesting little bit of Trivia there...I wonder if Joe E Brown was (is) a
relative of matter how distant!!!

Makes me wonder what WAS the most authenticly ornate River boat which might
have existed, since the "fancy ornaments and dual cascading stairways were
stage props added" on the "Cotton Blossom." You say the R.E. Lee was pretty
fancy..I need to dig out some pictures.

Thanks for the heads up on kits... I'm familiar with the Dumas "Oreole
Queen" and just emailed a guy in New york who has built one. I've certainly
seen the R.E. Lee kit somewhere but can't remember who makes it (I know
there's a styrene one out there too). So far as the "River King" is
concerned, I know nothing..but would like to.

This has also prompted me to put in a section at our BOOKMARKS page for
Paddlewheeler Kits/models. Have a look at it (Note to group" I put Joe's
URL in there since he supplies models for sale).

In fact use the bookmarks section of Paddleducks for putting in useful URL's
for member reference.

I'll send the Riverboat info to the people in England who inquired.

Thanks again

Paul J


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