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Eddy Matthews:
One thing that seems to have been forgotten in all these threads is the hulls displacement.... Using small rowing boats, skiffs, dingys etc etc is fine - But.....

Have any of you calculated the displacement for your hull before starting to add vast amounts of weight in the form of engine/boiler, paddlewheels, paddleboxes/sponsons, cabin etc etc....

I'm afraid you may find a lot of them will either have very little freeboard, or they'll sink!

The second thing to consider is stability - your adding large overhanging weights on either side of the boat when you fit paddlewheels/sponsons, and these boats were never intended to carry that sort of load. Be very careful unless you like capsizing in mid-stream!

My apologies if that sounds negative, but they are two items of prime importance and they seem to have been all but ignored....

Thanks Eddy, I have been thinking of that, I only just bought a hull today, and it is 5'7'' wide. The sponson decks should only protrude from the boat about 1'. Thanks for the tip though!!

your right Eddy  :D  
displacement was brought up very briefly in my post "under marine steam plant" when I was making a point about planning of these boats and that they can't be slapped together without a plan and calculations

cheers Anthony

...just waiting to get the hull ready first Eddy! No intentions of doing ANYTHING until that is ready! Then we will be doing all the calculations...because we're doing it my way, not my grandpa's way (he wants to just slap bang the thing together!)\

Displacement is the weight of the boat ins't it...the same amount it weighs is the amount it displaces in the water and as such needs that amount of water to run correct?

I have thought weight to be an issue...personally I think Grebe needs more weight in her...she sits so high in the water that she's barely fact I may have bought a plane! Weighing her down should sit her deeper in the water...less chance of capsize! I hope!

I might go up and work on her tonight get more primer on. It's a dam nice day considering the weather lately!


Yes, I have a relation that has just told me to slap a boat together, I tell them that it is not that easy, many calculations are needed and plans!! Some people! Well, I must get to work on mine, can anyone recommend a designing program? Or just good old pencil and ruler!!


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