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Plans for Hulls?????


Just another question from me :computer
But can anyone enlighten me on plans for a 3-6m long hull with a square stern, shallow draft and as straighter side as possible :?:
Thanks, You all must be sick of my questions..  :oops:

 :beer  :angel

            type into your search engine "Free boat plans"  many many sites with free plans from skiffs to yachts!
Have a look you might find something!  :wink:

Thanks Anth,
I will be onto that immediately!!
Cheers :beer

Anth I tried the Google search and it came up with Michael Storer Boat Designs. They are definantely  :no1 and I found the 15'6" rowing skiff that looks absolutely perfect!! Thanks heaps


Eddy Matthews:
For free plans online, take a look at:


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