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This doesnt really fit in to any other topic. Is $600AUD a lot of money for an 11'3" wooden hull? And would you recommend building a paddler from a ready made hull?

I'm buildinmg my paddler from an existing hull. It cost me $160AUS second hand but a lot more will end up going into her to make her nice and ready to return to the water.

Is $600 new...11 foot is only about 4 metres isn't it...perhaps less...then it would be almost the size of my boat. I remeber looking at wooden kits that were going to cost me $500. I suppose the things you have to ask: What kind of contruction is it? Clinker, stitch and slue, etc. How will I go either restoring/making repairs and will that be worth it? Is the hull shape possible to create a paddler with...either side or sternwheel?

They're the kind of things you have to look into before purchasing any hull...oh and if it's second hand check for rot!

No the $600 hull is second hand, the dealer does say the it only needs a bit of paint!! Who knows what that could entail... Also it is about 1.5m wide and about 4 long, and it is an old sailing vessel, it does look very stable. And I dont really know anythingfor sure until I actually see it, but it looks like a stable hull.
I have also been looking at a 15' Skiff, I found the plans on the internet from a site called and the plans alone cost around $55AUD. It looks quite good, and would look geuine when it came to a paddle steamer. Also the sides are level, which would make it easier (i think) to attach paddle wheels and housing and the sponson decks. I hope it would anyway!!
What are the specifications of the Grebe? Because I found a hull that was 24' long, but came at a price of $8000AUD, but is the perfect shape for the boat.
Thanks for the advice, I will look into it

Grebe is 3 metres by 1.5 metres. She's square at the back but balloons near the front of the boat both on the sides and the bottom. She's a stitch and glue built entirely of wood although she did have a metal strip along her keel so that she wouldn't wreck the wood there when being pulled up and down.

She was originally a row boat as she came with oars and oar locks but that's all going to change soon enough.

She sits about 1 to two inches in the water at the moment but with added weight she will sit lower.

Currently I am contemplating powering with a steam engine to power sidewheels which will be welded together. Currently it looks as though it might be belt driven to the shaft. She'll have a small cabin at the front (just to protect the driver in bad weather).

I'll add my newly made image to PD's soon when I get some downloads and uploads again!

How much to the small steam engines cost and cost to run? I shouldnt think that they would be very much to keep running, and if you geared the drive shaft about 1:2 it shouldnt need to be running at top rpm to keep the boat moving should it? I think that the length of the my boat will be limited to about 5m and the width should be about 1.5-1.7m, and I am aiming to have her sit about 2-3'' in the water. I just need a hull first. Did you buy the Grebe hull from a private dealer, or from a shop/second hand dealer? I have been looking at the Duck Flat Wooden Boats, and was thinking  :idea:  if I got the hull from a Mundoo III I could just attach paddles to that and have it look genuine, mostly because the few I have seen dont have the bow that looks authentic and the Mundoo's does. I will have to do some research, and will be utilising PD's website and talking to as many people as I can :gather


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