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Jessie II (a Bolger Tennessee)

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The learner driver book makes more sense...there seems to be a whole lot more in the boat book....and nothing about 'driving a boat is like playing a ball game' like in the car book (bah stupid car book!)

The NSW book is much better...easier to read...less 'mass amounts of info'

But as I still reside in Vic for the moment the vic one is more important. A group of my mates are all going to get it so we can go houseboating!

Roderick Smith:
The material and sample tests are available at
The rules are fairly international, and this would be worthwhile reading for any Paddleducker
The full relevant law and regulations are at:

The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions; the pass mark is either 17 or 18 out of 20.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
(and a licensed boat operator as well as a purser)

Roderick Smith:
Wed.10.10.  I retrieved the boat from maintenance and modification, including the fitting of rollers on the trailer.
Launching, at Blanchetown, was much easier.
The pool of lock 1 (Randell lock) provided plenty of depth and easy cruising, but I had launched 3 h late and was pushing to reach Morgan in daylight (just achieved, at 18.45).
Along the way I saw PV Hebe moored (at 302 or 304 km).  I didn't pause for a photo.
Thurs.11.10.  I am heading for a 15.00 locking at lock 2 (Waikerie lock) this afternoon, then on to Waikerie for 17.00.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
I have had more than the usual number of conversations about my boat during this cruise.  An article on it appeared in this month's Australian Amateur Boatbuilder magazine <>.

Thurs.11.10.  I left Morgan at  11.30, went through lock 2 at 15.15, and arrived at Waikerie  at about 17.00.  The wind was strong, and the locking solo was tricky: still I didn't hit the rough concrete walls.  The restaurant aboard Murray River Queen wasn't trading on Thursday night.  I went to the pub.

Fri.12.10.  7.30 start, strong wind, 0.5 m waves, but the hull glided through them smoothly.
Overland Corner 11.30-13.00.  I lunched at the historic stone hotel, built in 1859.  The 1956 flood had come half way up a wall.
Back to Waikerie in 3.5 h again.  I dined with the owner of Solway, a Mundoo II (an update of the Tennessee design).

Sat.13.10.  6.40 start for the double journey, 106 km to  Blanchetown.  I did it 11.5 h, locking at 8.15 (no wind, an easy drop), with a 2 h lunch break at Morgan (internet not open), and a 30 min break at a floating riverside hotel.

Boats seen:
PV Incredible is at the Blanchetown marina where I am moored.
PV Hebe, at 304 km
SWPV Gypsy Ellen: just below Cadell.
PV Murray River Queen, at Waikerie.
PV Akuna Amphibious, moored at Akuna Homestead.

Sun.14.10.  I drove into Adelaide and back, for the celebrations for the extension of the tram from Victoria Square to North Tce.
Mon.15.10.  Out of the water.  I left the boat with friends at Waikerie, then continued home via Mallee pub photography.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
I passed Globe Hotel while heading upriver, and assumed that it was just the landing platform for a hotel out on the main road.
Later I was told that it is a floating hotel (in the style of restaurants in Thailand and Cambodia).
As I came downriver on Saturday, the proprietor was aboard, so I called in.
Strictly, it isn't a hotel: it is a private joke.  We spent a pleasant 30 min chatting, while the owner shouted me to a can of beer, and showed me the toilet built in an unroofed burnt-out tree stump.  I still reached Blanchetown for 18.00 (ie still daylight), having left Waikerie at 6.40, and spent 10-15 min in lock 2 (the gates are slow), 2 h at Morgan and 30 min at 'Globe Hotel'.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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