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Dortmund 2006


For anyone who can manage to get there - this is a 'must' show! Held every April there are 8 halls of boats, planes, cars, tanks, trucks, model railways, rockets - and Zeppelins! I've put some paddler photos in the Photo Gallery to whet your appetites. The planes are on scalemodels. Keeping the sub pictures for the Edinburgh Model Boat Club site! Loads of interesting retail stands selling bits we never seem to se up here - and at great prices too. What's more everyone seemed to speak English - just as well! Peterborough Model Boat Club even had a stand there (where we were made most welcome). I gather there were bus trips from Blackpool and Newcastle/Tyneside. Even met some folks from a Dublin club. Thoroughly recommended.


Eddy Matthews:
Some gorgeous models Andrew!

Take a look in the photo gallery guys and prepare to drool :-)

Walter Snowdon:
Hi Andrew, you and I must have been ellbowing each other, my show photos are almost identical to yours !. I spent three days there and photographed about 13 paddler models. (I go there most years.) Next year we must post messages for all those attending and fix a meeting time and place in the show. Incidentaly, I picked up a rather nice Russian plastic kit or the PS SIRIUS, at a rediculously cheep price. Its amply large enough to take standard RC gear. The wheels sre about 3.5 inches diameter. This kit has eluded me for many years!!!  For those interested, the set of paddle wheels in your photos  are proffessionaly produced, cast  in bronze (lost wax technique) and are superb. BUT the price... 980 euros as a kit, 1200 euros assembled !!!!. they could be cast in gold for that !!!!. Regards, Walter.


What a pity we didn't meet. Mind you with the numbers of folk milling around I had enough trouble finding the EMBC folk at our meeting point. It would have been good to meet a fellow Paddleduck though! I'll make sure and get in touch for next year though. Some of the other EMBC members are heading for Leipzig in September - but I've been by the holder of the purse strings that September is when we both go on holiday together - and she won't go to boat shows!



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