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I have a 5hp engine and I think we're going to have a belt drive rotating the paddleshaft. forward, reverse and stop gears...possibly a throttle....I don't know we're not really up to that stage of thinking yet lol!

I found this and thought it might give you some ideas on how to power your paddlewheeler.

Thanks for that T.J! I've seen that site before! Quite handy it was in giving me ideas!

I think by the end of it it's kind of going to be winging it when it comes to design etc, just choosing the best form of sponsons, engine etc when the time is there!

I was thinking that maybe in 5 years she might participate in a sail past at Echuca! (Thinking this because I got my last Friends of The port newsletter for the year! They're looking for casual Deckhands....but you need to have stacks of tickets lol! They say that volunteering is a good way to start though!)

Well I've finally got the ball rolling and now the hull is completely stripped of paint...well except for a few dregs!

The heat gun I bought was the best $15 investment I've ever made. Now all she needs is a bit of fibreglass work and then I'll be able to put paint on again!

It's all going great guns here photos soon!

Just ran across these plans and thought you might want to have a look. They show another way of hooking up a paddlewheel.


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